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Andrea Caccamo

Personal Trainer & Coach Nutrizionale

Zodiac Sign: Pisces

My star sign gives me a unique perspective on balancing mind and body in training.

Nickname: Coach Andy

Coach Andy  is my name because in addition to guiding you physically, I am here to train your mind and spirit towards fitness success.

My slogan

"La tua salute è la tua ricchezza."

Favorite Readings:

"Il potere dell'abitudine" di Charles Duhigg

Pensa e arricchisci te stesso" di Napoleon Hill

"Intelligenza emotiva" di Daniel Goleman

"Food Rules: An Eater's Manual" di Michael Pollan

A Bit About Me

Since I was young, I have cultivated a deep love for Health and the fitness.

And today, I am fortunate to turn that passion into a rewarding profession.

FromPersonal Trainer since 1994, I have dedicated my career to guiding my clients towards onelifestyle healthier and more fulfilling.

I have had the privilege of working with a diverse group of clients, and this experience has taught me that each of us is unique, with our own goals and lifestyles.

With my dedicated and professional approach, you will be able to seetangible results in a short period of time.

Fitness & Sport

My first steps in the world of Sport

Work-Study Trips to California U.S.A

Collaboration with the best Fitness Centers in Europe

I started playing competitive sports at the age of seven.


After Basketball in Varese (IT), I discovered  Swimming, which I practiced, obtaining important results at an international university level.


After obtaining the Scientific High School Diploma in Varese I attended theISEF at the Catholic University of Milan 1992-1995, also achieving i Federal Diplomasof Federal Coach ofBasketball and swimming.

In 1994 I moved to Laguna Beach, California, USA to perform andstudy the profession of "Personal Trainer" importing a professional figure into Italy and Switzerland that has continuously grown since then.


Achievement of the following certifications in various study trips:


International Personal Trainer Diploma ISSA 1995

Personal Trainer Diploma NSCA 1997 San Diego

Circuit Training Master 1998 San Diego (CA) USA

Outdoor group fitness and bootcamp San Diego

Weight Loss Certification 1999 Los Angeles

1999 Santa Monica Women's Training Certification

Trx Suspension Training Course 2005 San Diego

American Sports & Kettlebell Instructor Fitness Association 2012 

Master Bootcamp Workout 2016 San Francisco

From the1994 to 2006I had the pleasure of collaborating as a Qualified Personal Trainer first at theClub Francesco Contiof Milan and Varese, then at the chainsFitness Firstand finally from 2000 to 2006 at the renowned gymsDOWN TOWN, counting public personalities, entertainment, TV and cinema stars among my clients.


In recent years I have also achieved the following Fitness Masters:


Master in Rehabilitation 1995

Muscle mass development and training methods 1997

Stretching and free body instructor 1998

Pancafit Diploma 2001 Milan

Diploma in Personal Trainer Fitness First Milan 2002

Nutrition & Travel

Nutritional Coaching

Fitness Retreat

Lugano Svizzera

Healthy eating for a healthy life has always been a priority since my first studies in the nutritional field and has led me to delve deeper into the issues, obtaining the following certificates:


Master in nutrition and sports integration 1996

Weight loss certification 1999 Los Angeles (CA)

Healthy and Natural Eating Course 2005 Rome

Healthy Food for Fat Loss Certification 2013 San Francisco

Diploma  Nutritional Coach Homeonatura Swiss

Diploma Intermittent Fasting Fab Academy California

Ketogenic diet, metabolic unblocking and recomposition corporeal  Italian School of Fitness and Nutrition

Training,nutrition and supplementation for women

Italian School of Fitness and Nutrition

Plant-based nutrition: elements of applied dietetics for sedentary people and athletes

For some years I worked as a Private Personal Trainer in Saint Barth and St Lucia Caribbean - Egypt - Montecarlo-Porto Cervo - Cavallo Island (Corsica)
organizing fantastic Fitness Retreats.

My company Stronger 1994 Sagl  is one of the most important for theFitness in Fuerteventura (ES).

We have been active since 2013 providing Holiday Fitness andREMISE en FORME.

In 2006 I moved to Lugano (Switzerland) where I founded the Primo Personal Training Service co Get Fit Club in Lugano and in 2010 I inaugurated the firstPersonal Training Club in Ticino.

In  2013 I created Stronger 1994   Personal Training Studio in the heart of Lugano.

A real laboratory where a team of specialists dedicates itself every day to the well-being of customers with a science based approach. Functional training, EMS, pilates, golf athletic training, running training, personal weight loss training: at the center there is a single objective, to promote total wellness through a tailor-made training program.


CrossFit Trainer level 1 2013 Italy

Muay Thai Instructor Course 2014 Bangkok

Yoga Instructor 2019

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