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Why should you choose me?

Quality Recognition and Certification: My commitment to your health is recognized by Health Fundi and by SPTV, l'Swiss Association of Personal Trainers, regarding physical activity and exercise.

These certifications are onequality assuranceand perfectionist commitment.

Trust and Security: When you choose my Personal Training services in Lugano, you choose not only a qualified trainer but also a trusted partner.

My QualiCert certification and SPTV membership provide abasis of trust and legal securityfor all those who rely on my services.

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29 Years ofExperience

My career sincepersonal trainer it began way back1994, which means I have accumulated 29 years of valuable experience. This wealth of experience is the result of aconstant commitment in the world offitness and ofnutrition. In this long journey, I have learned the art of transforming people's lives through an approachpractical Andtargeted.We are not just talking about theory, but a vast onepractical experience. When you choose to work with me, you are entrusting your well-being to someone who has been through andovercome a multitude of challenges. My experience is your entry ticket toconcrete results and extraordinary transformations.

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I know thatyou are unique, with your needs and yoursspecific objectives. That's why I put customization at the center of everything I do. There are no “one size fits all” solutions here. Your program will be created specifically for you, taking into account your current level of fitness and the results you want to achieve. This is the starting point for atransformation journey tailored.

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Successes  Try it you

Words are important, but iresults I am even more so.

My clients' successes speak for themselves. I have guided many people like you to success,helping themto reach and surpass theirsfitness and health goals.

You don't have to take my word for it: the results my clients get are there tangible proof of my commitment and my ability toguide people to success.

So, yes, together we can do it.


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