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One of the most intimate and professional ways in which I will be able to take care of you on this journey is to offer you a Fitness Check,  an exclusive meeting that will serve to get to know each other and evaluate your state of health, your goals and needs. Only after this in-depth analysis will I be able to define the training phases and their timing.

Work out
100% Custom

 The Fitness Check has the function of not losing even a small detail, in order to be able to sew any type of tailor-made training.
To give you a concrete example: imagine a tailor who has to take the steps to do a perfect job on his customers; he must take the measurements as precisely as possible and in several points, he must note them in a timely manner and then proceed with the processing.

I will be this for you, yours
  "Tailor 2.0" and I want to be one every month of our journey together, giving you a tailor-made suit and hoping you will like it! Your only task will be to show me what you want to achieve and I will make it possible, without missing a single nuance because I care that you always remain satisfied.

The Fitness Check time is approximately 50 minutes.

These 50 minutes will allow us to take an anamnesis of your current state of health, learn more about your lifestyle and introduce you to the training methods adopted by Andy Personal Trainer.
We will carry out tests of strength, mobility, balance and cardio vascular capacity just to understand your level of training and to better develop the training planning for the coming months.


I am sure that my every care is understood and perceived as an added value and every request from me for a particular detail or description is seen as a dedication to you to carry out a work of the highest quality and customization. 

Think back to the tailor: if he lacked the measures, he would contact you several times to do a job of maximum precision.
  For anything and if you need help, we will hear from you on Whats App, the contact channel I use to answer you immediately.

Contact me today.
I will be happy to start this journey together!


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