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100% Personal Training is an exclusive training system that was born in 1994 with the specific aim of helping you to FEEL BETTER, strengthening your muscles (in a safe way), improving your movements and your posture.

All this thanks to the combination of training routines that stimulate the muscles in multiple different ways.

A program suitable for men and women of any age


99% of Fitness programs are NOT built to help you get better

Everyone knows that physical activity is a powerful medicine.

But not all medicines have the same effect on all people: you need the right type of medicine, and the correct dosage.

99% of Fitness programs have the following objectives:

  • make you do "fun work" (eg. Zumba lessons, Step etc. etc.)

  • achieve a certain performance (eg run for "tot" km)

  • pursue aesthetic goals  


Sure, these things MAY make you feel better, but:

  • they are not born with this purpose

  • they are not organized to help you achieve specific wellness goals


Efficient Fitness is the program I created with just this purpose: 
help you to be regular in your workouts, reach the right goals and persevere!

How does it work?

100% Personal Training is a program created by me in 1994 and designed for "normal" people, aimed at those who:


  • he doesn't always have time for long training sessions

  • does not always have motivation and desire

  • may have difficulties due to some muscle and joint problems (very common after the age of 40)

  • even if he has no particular problems, he wants to avoid getting them with training

  • does not have the physical and "motivational" requirements for long and / or particularly intense workouts


100% Personal Training  was born to solve these problems, here are the main reasons it has been working for over 28 years  :


  • Motivation: the personal trainer stimulates you, loads you, makes sure that the hour spent with him is an hour spent in the name of health but also of fun, He can give precisely those motivations that are missing, encouraging the person to commit .

  • Optimize times: a qualified personal trainer is able to set an optimal workout to reach, in the shortest possible time, the set goal.

  • Personalized training program: each person is different from all the others under different points of view: age, sex, weight, physical characteristics. Any injuries, muscle or joint alterations also have a great impact. Precisely for this reason, each person needs a specific training program suited to their characteristics and needs.

  • He is dedicated exclusively to you: this is a person who is dedicated to you for the entire duration of the lesson. Having a personal trainer allows you to understand how to perform the exercises correctly, maximize results and avoid experiencing pain of various kinds or doing a "useless" and incorrect workout.

  • Consistency: the personal trainer helps you plan and consequently eliminate all excuses for not training.

  • Self-esteem: those who feel fit appear fit and vice versa! Your personal trainer will not only make you reach your goals, but will help you set more and more ambitious ones, the same ones that previously seemed unattainable.

  • Don't get bored: Many people don't like the gym because they are afraid of getting bored by repeating the same exercises. A personal trainer, on the other hand, allows you to vary the training often, even by working on the same muscles.

  • Constant checks: the personal trainer analyzes your physical situation, your lifestyle, your diet, guides you towards achieving or maintaining physical fitness and above all health.

  • Educational aspect: a professional in addition to directing his lesson, educates his client to a healthy lifestyle by suggesting good habits that not only reduce the time it takes to reach the goal, but also improve the quality of life of those who relies on.


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